Description Suculent

 Aeonium Green Platters or Aeonium Pseudotabuliforme is a succulent plant with flat rosettes up to 6-10 inches wide of rounded and shiny green leaves, easy to care. It blooms yellow flowers in spring on a pyramidal inflorescence though quite infrequently. It is perfect as a groundcover or in containers.

 Aeoniums are one of the most ornamental of all the succulents. Even those that don't appreciate succulents seem to like these plants. Perhaps it is the fact they look like large, colorful, rubbery flowers that these popular plants have such an appeal. And luckily many are easy plants to grow as well.

 All of the plants will be shipped bare root

Light / Soil / Water

 Full sun, Partial sun, Partial shade.

 Porous and well-drained potting mix.

 This plant only needs a low to moderate amount of water. Water thoroughly only when soil is dry to the touch, then let drain completely.

 You can easily propagate Aeonium Green Platters by stem cuttings.

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Aeonium Green Platters Succulent

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